2023.10.19 | KDB NextONE-Powered Korean Startups Set to Ignite Japan IT Week with Cutting-Edge Solutions


Four innovative Korean startups, nurtured through the KDB NextONE program and supported by KDB Industrial Bank, are set to make a significant impact on the global tech scene as they participate in “Japan IT Week.” This premier IT exhibition, scheduled for three days from October 25th at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, will provide a platform for these startups to showcase their cutting-edge solutions and meet potential investors.

KDB NextONE is KDB Industrial Bank’s flagship startup development program, which commenced in 2020. Over seven cycles, it has successfully incubated and supported 105 startups, offering a wide range of services, including office space, individual mentoring, IR consulting, and business collaboration. The program’s mission is to drive real growth and attract investments for these startups.

Japan IT Week: A Gateway to the Japanese Market

The startups will have a unique opportunity to meet Japanese investors and open innovation companies on October 23rd and 24th, setting the stage for expansion into the Japanese market. Starsia, a Japanese accounting firm with close ties to South Korea and Japan, is managing the event schedule, emphasizing the importance of fostering cross-border business relationships.

Meet the Korean Innovators

1. B4PLAY: CEO Lee Young-min leads this groundbreaking “game data discovery platform.” B4PLAY collects and analyzes game data from various platforms worldwide, offering a comprehensive service. It allows gamers to manage their game information, including accounts for PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. Notably, B4PLAY holds patents for its unique “game classification system and search method” in both Korea and the United States.


2. acrossB Co., Ltd.: Established in May 2020, this company simplifies cross-border logistics for e-commerce brands. Their platform, “Workpad,” integrates information from multiple online stores, offering order and product management in one dashboard. It provides real-time logistics tracking and delivery issue resolution, ultimately improving customer satisfaction. The company has attracted approximately 3 billion won in investment and consistently receives government support as an excellent startup team in Korea.


3. iPin Labs Co., Ltd.: CEO Yoo Joo-hyun is set to unveil “BPIN,” a deep learning-based indoor positioning SaaS, at Japan IT Week. iPin Labs’ unique unsupervised learning-based indoor location tracking algorithm can be deployed globally within 24 hours. The company has already collaborated with major Korean firms, including SK Telecom, to prove the excellence of their technology. This technology is expected to play a pivotal role in various industries in the era of digital transformation.

Ipin Lab


4. Bering Lab: Co-represented by Moon Sung-hyun and Kim Jae-yoon, Bering Lab is a legal tech startup specializing in AI translation engines for the legal and patent fields. With an impressive team of over 400 lawyers worldwide, they offer accurate translations for legal and financial terms. The company aims to provide 10 language pairing services by year-end and already boasts clients like Microsoft, Sony Music, and Kakao Games.

Bering Lab


Korean startups have shown their mettle on the global stage, and with their participation in Japan IT Week, they are poised to make significant inroads into the Japanese market. With innovation, expertise, and support from programs like KDB NextONE, these startups are on the path to revolutionize the tech industry.

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